Professional & Educational Qualifications:

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

  • Master of Education in Counselling Psychology

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

  • Special Education Diploma: Behaviour Disorders & Developmental Disabilities

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.

  • Post-Bacheloreate Diploma: Language and Literacy Development Issues; ESL certification

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.

  • Extended Studies, Department of Exceptional Education: Academic assessment; Diagnostic evaluation and intervention

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.

  • Bachelor of Education: Special Education: Psychology

Professional Certification & Affiliations:

  • RCC # 3408 BCACC:  BC Association Clinical Counsellors
  • CCC  # 1533 CCPA:  Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • M.Ed.  Counselling Psychology/Clinical Counselling (UBC)
  • British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate #L120052

Counselling Experience Profile

  • Oak Counselling Services, Vancouver
  • VAST- (Vancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture) Individual adult counselling  (VAST provides counselling and settlement services to immigration and refugee claimants)
  • Fraserside Community Services, New Westminster  (Women’s group; 16-Step Addictions recovery program)
  • New Westminster/UBC clinic – Individual counselling experience
  • School Counselling (Grades 8-12) – Burnaby and New Westminster




Hypnosis and Trauma:Hypnosis In the Treatment of Traumatized Children and Adults (Dr. Julie Linden)

The Biology of Loss: When Attachments are Impaired and Fostering Resilience (Dr Gabor Mate – The Children’s Foundation)

Borderline Personality and the Search for the Real Self The attachment, neurobiological, and object relations perspective of the Masterson Approach: Diagnosis & Treatment (2 days)

Hoarding Behaviours and OCD (UBC Psych Clinic)

The Neuro-Biology of Grief and Loss (Katherine Priest, Living Through Loss)

Hypnosis for Children & Teens: Fascination and Empowerment (Dr. Leora Kuttner)

BC Clinical Hypnosis Society annual conference


Hypnosis for Mind-Body Healing & Pain Management: Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurobiology and  the Power of the Healer’s Beliefs (Dr. Mark Weisberg – BC Hypnosis Society)

Children and Anxiety (Dr. Benoit – The Children’s Foundation)

Motivational Interviewing In Health Care – Level 1; 2 days (Cristine Urquhart – UBC)

BC Clinical Hypnosis Society annual conference


Family Involvement in the Mental Health System – VGH

Suicide Prevention, Assessment & Clinical Interviewing  (Dr. Shawn Shea, TISA)

Health Anxiety – Clinical Implications for Treatment (UBC Psych Clinic)

Stigma, Trauma, Resilience – UBC Series

Therapeutic Enactment Labs (Dr. Marv Westwood, UBC)

Children at Risk for Depression (Dr. Ian Gotleib – UBC series)

Response to Violence – Response-Based Practice 3 days (Dr. Allan Wade)

Narrative Therapy – Level One, 4 days (Dr. Steven Madigan)

Portrayal and Perceptions of Mental Health in the Movies (Dr Harry Karlinsky; Mood Disorders Clinic)

Mindfulness and Yoga: Social Discipline or Spiritual Practice? Panel (Dr.Kim Schonert-Reichl – UBC)

Social Emotional Literacy Workshop (Dr. Marc Brackett)

Rainbows – Children’s grief and loss support group. Facilitator training


CBT/Mindfulness & Depression; 8 sessions (Mindful Living)

Pediatric Palliative Care Research Colloquium/Forum (Dr Hal Siden; Canuck Place)

Bullying & Relational Aggression (Dr. Marlene Moretti, SFU)

Grief and Loss series – 10 sessions (Living Through Loss)

Gordon Neufeld: Helping Children Grow up Attachment /Common Challenges. Discussion group

First Contact crisis line clinical team training – emotional support for new arrivals (VAST/Red Cross)

SAFER: Suicide prevention presentation (VAST)

Understanding the refugee claim process (VAST)

Mental Health Symposium – Spirituality and Well-Being (2 days)

Gordon Neufeld: Power to Parent group (series 3)

Changeways: The Core Program on Depression; 2 days(Dr. Randy Patterson)

Daniel Siegel – Mindfulness, the Mind-Body Connection

TRIBES training – social-emotional educational approach/strategies (5 days)

Gordon Neufeld: Power to Parent Series (series 1)


Wars Unlimited: Exploring Humanitarian Boundaries in Armed Conflict. Experiences of displacement & adjustment due to wars. 4 sessions (Red Cross)

Mean Girls: Relational Aggression

Boy Smart (Dr. Barry Macdonald)


Emotional Support/Emergency Response training (Salvation Army & Provincial Emergency Preparedness)


World Peace Forum – Volunteer training committee

Critical Incident Stress Management (Richmond Emergency Response)


Restitution – Level 1

B.C. Peace Education Conference – Building a Culture of Peace (SFU/UBC)


Gordon Neufeld: Getting Kids Unstuck – Teaching students to overcome difficulties (BCPTA)


Supporting Children Following Trauma. (Dr. Yaya Anderade – Sunnyhill Children’s Hospital)


Westcoast Disaster Conference – Preparing communities and schools to respond to disasters.

Valuing the Culture of Peace 3 days (BCTF/United Nations)

Functional Assessment and Developing Positive Behaviour

Anti-Bullying, Promoting Safe Schools