Rainforest Relaxation Services

Welcome to Rainforest Relaxation Counselling Services.

Are you trying find a way to cope, adjust or change something in your life. Congratulations on seeking to bring a more positive direction and balance into your life.

Do  the challenges that confront you cause you to feel overwhelmed and alone?

Do you feel trapped by feelings of frustration, anxiety or depression?

Do you feel stuck when you are trying to make life-style changes, like start exercising or stop smoking, for example?

Do you struggle with issues and relationships at work or in your personal life?

Do you find it difficult to adjust to a loss or a major change that has occurred?

You no longer need to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or isolated. People often seek support when they are having difficulty making changes or coping with a situation.

I believe you have within you what it takes to succeed.

I’m here to help and committed to support you on your journey .

Please call me or use the contact form to arrange an appointment.


Here’s what  you  will find on my site:

  • Welcome/Home Page
  • About Me – a bit about my experience and qualifications
  • Services – some of the services that I offer and the approaches I use
  • Contact – how you can contact me and where we meet for appointments
  • Forms – basic forms and questionnaires
  • Tips & Articles – helpful hints, quotations, information and resources